3 Essential Oil Recipes to Help You Sleep at Night

A good night’s rest is the key to good health and happiness, but what’s the key to a good night’s rest? Essential oils! Pure, high quality essential oils like the ones cultivated and distilled by Young Living will help you sleep well consistently, even after your most stressful days.

With Young Living, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank, either. Essential oils are incredibly valuable, and their prices often reflect that, but luckily Young Living offers a life hack that allows you to buy their oils and blends at amazing prices through their distributor program.

When you sign up for Young Living’s Wholesale Membership, you can buy essential oils at a 24% discount and you’re even able to make money by selling essential oils to your friends. Not only will you be helping yourself and others lives a more chemical-free lifestyle, you’ll be working with the highest quality essential oils on the market. Young Living can help remove some of the stress in your life that keeps you awake at night, and essential oils will do the rest! Check out these three recipes designed to help you sleep more peacefully:

Natural Sleep Aid

5 drops Lavender oil

5 drops Bergamot oil

5 drops Sandalwood oil

When you mix this blend in a diffuser near you bed, you’ll feel yourself naturally growing more tired. Lavender can expedite the process of falling asleep while bergamot oil reduces muscle tension, allowing your body to feel more relaxed. Sandalwood induces a state of mental clarity and can decrease blood pressure. This combination of essential oils will quickly send you off to dreamland.

Stress Relief

5 drops Chamomile oil

5 drops Frankincense oil

3 drops Rose oil

Even when your body feels tired, it can sometimes be hard to sleep due to stress. When you diffuse this mixture in your bedroom, it will help to quiet your mind and relax your body, making it much easier for you to fall asleep. Chamomile fights anxiety, frankincense helps induce a meditative state and rose oil increases tranquility while decreasing depressive symptoms. Rose oil is also one of the most expensive essential oils—it takes 60 roses to make just one drop of rose oil! As a result, there a lot of synthetic or low quality rose oils available. Fortunately, you can trust Young Living’s rose oil and through their wholesale program, you can purchase it at one of the best prices available.

Snoring Relief

5 drops peppermint oil

5 drops eucalyptus oil

5 drops vetiver oil

Mix these three oils with a carrier oil and rub it across your chest before bed. The peppermint and eucalyptus oil will work to clear congestion and open your nasal passages and blockages in your chest—both of which cause snoring. Vetiver oil, when applied directly the skin, has a calming effect that will release tension in your chest that can also contribute to snoring. Use this on yourself or on a partner whose snoring keeps you up at night.


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