10 Essential Oil Recipes That Will Help You Feel Great

Having an off day? Low spirits can do more than just leave you feeling down. Left unchecked, an off day could lead to sickness, weight gain, or fatigue. No matter what’s wrong, we have the essential oil for what ails you. Skip the added chemicals from over the counter medications, junk food, or alcohol, and mix one of our recommended recipes into your diffuser!

1. De-stress
Stress is one of the biggest and hardest to avoid roadblocks in our lives. When the going gets tough, keep a blend of lavender, lemon, and peppermint to bring you back to a relaxed state of mind. If this blend doesn’t quite hit the spot, you can find more customized stress relief recipes through Young Living’s membership program.

2. Wake up
When your energy is down, don’t reach for a cup of coffee! You can find natural stimulation in a blend of peppermint, lemon, and orange without the caffeine to prevent a good night’s sleep.

3. Breathe Easy
If you’re feeling congested, mix lavender, peppermint, and lemon oils into a fragrant, vitamin-c rich blend that boosts the immune system and clears out your airways. For other sickness-fighting blends, Young Living members can learn how to use natural remedies in their personal welcome kits!

4. Smell great
Sometimes, just having a great smelling home can lift your spirits tremendously. Bring new life into your home with a fragrant mix of rosemary, clove, and orange.

5. Massage it Up
Massages are wonderful for sore muscles, but anyone feeling out of sorts can benefit from a little extra attention. Rub grapefruit, peppermint, and thyme to unwind and refresh.

6. Curb cravings
When you find yourself craving foods you know you shouldn’t have, stay on track with an appetite-curbing blend! Mix grapefruit, which balances blood sugar, and ginger, an appetite reducer, and diffuse.

7. Relieve a Headache
A pounding headache distracts from your daily pace, inhibits your concentration, and brings your spirits down. Over the counter painkillers are full of unnecessary chemicals, and can work less and less as your body forms a tolerance to medication. Massage peppermint and lavender oil into your temples, and find natural relief!

8. Fight a Hangover
There are countless tricks and “cures” to fighting a hangover, but we may just have the definitive one! Get plenty of rest, drink water with lemon oil, and diffuse a gentle blend of rosemary, orange, and cedarwood to feel better in record time.

9. Clean House
Cleaning is great for putting yourself in a new mindset, as the exercise has been found to be psychologically linked with a state of mental satisfaction. To get a clean, great-smelling home in no time, use the natural formula of lemon oil and tea tree oil on any surface!

10. Boost your mood
If nothing much is wrong, but you’re still feeling a little blue, we’ve got one final mix that just might fix it! Roll onto your skin a blend of lavender and orange for a mood-lifting scent that’ll follow you through your day.

For even further ways essential oils can improve your life, connect with Young Living’s membership program and join a community of essential oils savants.


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